Well I have slacked off in the last three weeks with blogging on the Victory’s Road Group Study. However, I wanted to post an update since last night marked the completion of our eight week study. Below you will find notes on how weeks 7 and 8 sessions went. You will also find closing remarks on the group study as a whole. This is a bitter sweet moment because I will miss the time spent with the ladies, but the good news is we were brought together even if for a season.

Week 7 was entitled, Lane Change! As we continue our journey, we’ll find our way of thinking changes. We are to become more like Christ, serving God’s purpose and that requires self sacrifice and submission. Below are the topics covered in week 7:

Take up Thy cross
Led by the Spirit
Bathing in the Spirit

Week 8 was entitled, Focused in the Final Stretch. Sometimes this journey gets tiring, we can become weary and even discouraged; or even worse distracted. This is why we have to remain focused on our Prize, eternal life with our Savior. As He endured the challenges He faced while on earth, He kept His gaze fixed on the end result and we are to do the same. Below are the topics covered in Week 8:

Remain Focused to Cross the Finish Line
Never Stop Looking Toward the Goal
Continue Down Victory’s Road.

This has been a great two months. We started with eight ladies and ended with four. As we discussed Christ’s journey to victory for us, that time did not lack examples of what life is like on our journey. Some ladies faced really challenging situations during this time. There were times of wonderful testimonies and there were times we had to lift one another up. And that’s what this walk is all about.

I believe the group study welcomed some new connections. The ladies ranged from those newly re-dedicating themselves to Christ to those who have been walking with Him for some time. Over the weeks each lady brought with them their love for our Lord and their words to one another surely displayed that. Together we have taken the challenge to continue down Victory’s Road.