We all have obstacles to face in life. They are the things which are placed before us, to test our resolve, and they often define us as the people we are. They can come to us yearly, monthly, weekly and, more often than not, daily.

Sometimes we find a solution quickly, but sometimes we may fail in our bid to overcome these impediments. They may often seem insurmountable, or too complex for us to even begin to see a way through them. Hope may fade and doubts may creep in, but now you have another tool to use in your fight.

In Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive through Life’s Obstacles, Nicole Calhoun will help you, through an understanding with God, to combat these difficulties and to navigate your way through them successfully and gracefully.

With 21 lessons of reassurance, you can always find something in these pages which will help you deal with life’s daily challenges, assert yourself in demanding situations and find true peace, love and understanding.

From learning that the only path to victory is through Jesus Christ, to keeping your eye on the prize of eternity, you will find comfort and support every step of the way. And knowing that there is rest along the path, that there is always hope and that God will be with you on your journey, you will find that Victory’s Road is the route you want to take.

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