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Does Your House Need Repair? Can You Use Repair Work?

I have this recurring dream of living in an extremely large beautiful house where my husband and I host many overnight guests. On a given day it is not odd to have guests scattered throughout the house and making themselves at home. The house is usually different in each dream with the common traits being many rooms, many elaborate bathrooms and we are always entertaining visitors. With time I have learned that recurring dreams require my highest attention because God may be intending to get a message through to me. Very recently I had a dream of this kind. In fact in this particular dream, there was one portion of the house that had been damaged and needed serious repair work. The damage left the house open and exposed. In the dream, I was initially unaware of the damage and was surprised to find it. Bear in mind that I said this is a recurring dream so on a few other ‘house dream’ occasions I’ve found the house in this state of needing urgent repair. However, the guests were also unaware of the damage since usually the damage is in a discreet place.

After having this most recent occurrence of the dream, the thought came to mind, “would you want to knowingly stay in a house that was exposed to the outside elements due to unrepaired damage? Is it really fair to put guests in such situations?” Better yet, assuming there is no damage, what about missing doors and windows? We would not do that would we? But let’s look at it in terms of our hearts or our walk with Christ. Like the house, we’ve all taken some pretty big or unexpected blows, some of these we have recuperated from and others have severely damaged us. We also have things missing that God intended to be there in every believer. Sometimes we are missing things like love one for another, compassion, faith in Him, a surrendered life. Many of these are due to damage, but others are due to a refusal to allow Him to work fully in our lives. As a result, we go about missing parts or damaged and exposed. Like the house in my dreams, we aren’t the only ones impacted by this damage. There are still those who live, work, play or are involved in any other forms of interaction with us.

Unfortunately those in our sphere of influence are unknowingly exposed because either we have neglected to make the necessary repairs or we don’t realize there is a need. When the Holy Spirit reveals these needs to us whether by speaking directly to us or by a concerned friend or even an angry foe, our response is not to refuse to believe the damage is there. Neither should our response be to sweep it under a rug. Most times, deep down inside we know it’s there anyway. Our response is to agree with Him and submit ourselves to the Word and His work for the needed repair. He reveals it to us, so He has the ability to do the repair work as we submit and allow Him to go about His work. We may think we are not hurting others but in fact we are. In fact, our intentions may even be to help them, but we are sadly allowing them to be exposed to something that could harm them. Remember in my dream we were hosting guests but our kind act did not negate the fact that our guests were exposed. After all of this talking about my dreams and needing repair work, what do I want you to get? Better yet, what is it that God wants us to understand and do something about? I will sum it up in this way, the next time you are tempted to let things go on in disrepair; whether it is your heart, your attitude or your relationship with Christ, think about how you would feel as a guest in a house in need of repair.

Allow God to show you the areas in need of repair within your heart, you will not regret it.