O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining…” Do you know that tune? It is such a beautiful song if attention is paid to the lyrics. I remember like it was yesterday, my first Christmas season after having given my life completely to Christ. By this I mean, I no longer simply attended church “here and there”, but made a mindful decision that my life now belonged to the One Who gave His life for me. I was in my late twenties, and while attending Sunday morning worship a very familiar Christmas song was being sang by the worship team. Initially it seemed peculiar to me that a Christmas song would be sang as worship. As I began to read the words on the screen while joining in with the worship team, I realized something that I had failed to understand until that time, Christmas is about Christ.

Now this may seem obvious to some, but to a person who does not recognize Jesus Christ in any significant way, it may seem foreign. I had attended church even as a child, but timing and circumstances around failing to develop a consistent Christian walk did not afford me this revelation early on. So there I stood in that church, reading the words of the song and now contemplating the meaning. It changed this season for me forever.

Once our eyes have been opened to Jesus Christ, so many things we were previously blinded by become very apparent; the true meaning of Christmas is not exempt from this. Because we live in a world where the inability to see the truth of Jesus seems to spread more each day, it can be easy to become frustrated with those who treat the season in a way that lacks reverence for the One for which it is named. However, instead of becoming frustrated with the person who may be extra rude while shopping, or honking our horns at the person that slid in on a parking space we were waiting for, consider that maybe the true meaning of this season has been lost to them. Consider that they may be only caught up in what they have learned of it through the massive amount of media communication received about it. Use this season as a chance to pray that the revelation of Jesus Christ will be made real to them and if the opportunity presents itself, share the true meaning of the season. In this way, we might just help someone else, experience their first CHRISTmas.

God bless and Merry CHRISTmas.