For many the task to love others the way we have been loved by Christ is a very hard thing to do. Jesus loved us enough to give up His life, most of us are not even willing to give up our desires for the well being of another. But because we are dearly loved, God expects us to love others dearly, even those who we deem not easy to love. This can only be accomplished by allowing the Holy Spirit who is within you to strengthen you in this area, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Because I realize this is not an easy feat,  I am posting this prayer to go along with the study for Day 4 of the workbook, Discovering the Greatness of God’s Love. If this is you, pray this prayer or one like it and rely on God’s Spirit to make you stronger in this area:

Father I thank You for your great love for me. I realize that a You require me to love in this same way. Please help me to love as You have loved me; even those who are hard for me to love.

In Jesus Name,