On yesterday evening we had our Victory’s Road: Week Five Group Session. Our group study is now more than half way through to completion. These last five weeks have been great. We’ve been able to study on our own and come together once a week to share so many things that have been on our hearts. The Week 5 Study was entitled: Rev Up and Get Ready! We want to get in gear and begin bearing fruit of the Kingdom. We talked about how we all have purpose in God’s grand plan of things and it’s up to us to stay connected to our Source. As we stay connected, abide and meditate on God’s Word, we will produce godly fruit. Our study topics were:

    • On Track to Bear Godly Fruit
    • The Kind of Fruit We Bear is Important
    • Time For a Rest Stop (Stop and Think)
    • Music for the Ride

The last two topics focused a great deal on realizing that as we spend more and more time drawn to the Lord, many thoughts of adoration and praise can just flow from us. The challenge this week was to write a song, poem or prayer unto our Lord Jesus Christ. These were to be written as a result of our time with Him. We realized just how easily the words come as we are expressing our love to Him.

The next Study topic is: A Heart Shifted into (D)RIVE.

I look forward to our next discussion.