For last week’s group session (Victory’s Road week four group session), we talked about the storms of life. In the book, Victory’s Road, these storms are compared to the things that are unexpected, the roadblocks and anything that can veer us off course. These obstacles are identified as tests of our faith. We read in James, that as we endure trials, we can count them as joy because we know they are testing our faith. If we hold on to our faith during trials, this process can cause us to persevere. In fact, when perseverance is given its space to work and continues to be active within us, we become mature and complete.

Someone also brought up the importance of knowing God. Knowing about Him is one thing but knowing Him gives us the ability to rest and be at peace during the storms. We can be at peace in knowing that God is with us and that He is there with us for the Entire Journey. In fact, one of the participants expressed how a major change in her life caused her to truly get to know God and now she has a peace that cannot be fully expressed or explained. This place of peace in Christ is where we all want to be, because we cannot avoid some things in life, some are totally beyond our control. However, we can consider them with a mindset of joy, though at the time it seems as though they are raining down on us. In the natural rain produces growth, vitality and life, though we don’t like the rain, it is beneficial. For our Christian walk, the trials are beneficial as well because they produce growth just like the natural rain.

Overtime, some have come to enjoy rainy days in the natural sense of things. We might see it as a time to spend overdue quality time with family, curl up with a good book or even call an old friend and catch up. I think we pretty much have realized that we just have to adjust our plans when it comes.

Here is a question:

Do you ever think it possible to have a mindset to adjust when we experience spiritual rains and to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves during these times?