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Last week’s study was entitled: A Heart Shifted into (D)RIVE. During our group discussion, we chatted about the importance of our hearts being filled with the right things. Many of us have been hurt before, but God has required for us to forgive and for good reason, if our hearts are hardened we can’t fully love Him and we can’t fully love our neighbors. The sections were entitled:

God Wants Our Hearts
God Wants Our Hearts, No Exceptions
Heartfelt Worship
The Love of Our Heart
The Love of Our Life

God wants our hearts and not just our outward show of love. He is to be our First Love, the Love of our life, the Love of our hearts.

We took a rest stop for the Thanksgiving holiday and now we are on the road again. We are picking up our study at Week 7: Lane Change! See you on Victory’s Road.