This evening’s Victory’s Road group session was very personable and intimate. For this week’s study, we discussed how God is With Us for the Entire Journey. We had a chance to share personal experiences of God defeating giants in our lives. These helped us to realize though our problems may seem like giants, they are small to Him. Also mentioned is His faithfulness in what we consider, “small stuff”. God is interested in minuscule details of His children’s lives. Big or small, it’s all the same for Him. This is important to know because there can be things that make us feel and think otherwise but as we:

• Keep Constant a Reminder of God’s Faithfulness
• Obtain a God’s Eye View

We have an example in King David recognizing and appreciating God enabling him to defeat the lion and the bear while shepherding. To David, God’s help was significant enough for him to remember those instances and be confident and assured that as God had helped him in those cases, surely he would help him to defeat the giant that defied the army of God. Just like David, we can rely on His faithfulness in the past to get us through and know He is faithful for now and the future.

Here is the question for blog discussion: What giants has God defeated for you in the past that can help remind you of His faithfulness now?