Victory’s Road: Here we are! We are at the starting line. We are on the Road and ready to go, Victory’s Road that is! A group of ladies will be working through the initial draft of the Victory’s Road Action Plan Workbook. This workbook was developed to accompany the book, Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles. As we study both individually and jointly, you get to see some of their feedback on the workbook. What’s Happening This week we are beginning at a Place of Discovery: “Most people spend their entire lives just trying to live life; when all the time, we should be trying to find the One Who holds the key to true life. I thank God that He has given us the opportunity to obtain true Life. (Victory’s Road)”

  • Discovering Who is the Possessor of true life
  • Discovering the greatness of God’s Love
  • Discovering the freedom we have in Christ

Why this Workbook Was Developed We know that “faith without works is dead”, so this workbook is intended to be an action plan used for group or individual study along with the Victory’s Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life’s Obstacles. It gives the reader the chance to put some action to what is being learned while reading Victory’s Road.

This first week of study begins tomorrow, so follow as we blog over the next 8 weeks about our journey down Victory’s Road.